Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Terminator WIP

Another guy I'm working with. I still need to add the shoulder pads on him, maybe a bit more decay.



  1. You are just zooming along on those! You are gonna have so much stuff to paint!

  2. Oh man! my to paint list is HUGE! But I have an event this weekend so no painting, no mods, only sell sell sell...

    I actually got asked if I was going to sell some of the figs I mod at the event! LOL!!

  3. I'm really liking your sculpting work, very clean and doesn't leave you with that nagging, "Now WTF were they trying to sculpt?" feeling (which, sadly, happens too much for my tastes).

    Now...let's talk about this "painting" thing you've got going on. Good golly you've made some very real progress and everything that I've seen so far has been quite impressive -- keep it up!