Thursday, July 9, 2009

Epidemius Mod Begin Painting part 4.1.. (WIP)

Since I totally covered the base in green stuff I needed a way to hold onto the mini. cork wouldn't work, but I do, do a lot of crafty stuff. I realized my 1oz white cosmetics jars would work perfectly (I hoped). So far the fig hasn't fallen off so I think we're good. (I buy the jars by the hundreds so I have loads)

Lots of washes, browns, reds, greens (of differenting shades), and a bit of yellow. It needs more work but it's coming along ok so far. Still learning and growing to understand how the paints work over figures.

I've decided his name is mr nasty, because by the time I'm done with him he will be completely nasty looking.


  1. Nice... no, wait its not "nice", erm, Good.. no thats not right either.

    I know.

    Wicked ;)

  2. I was going to go with throw-up-in-my-mouth grotesque! :) Just as a nurgle model should be. I'm terrified of the stage where you put the gloss varnish on the tentacles and make them look slimy.

  3. It would be nice to get something that looks sticky and stretch it it between the tentacles so they look even more grotesque :D

  4. I've used several things to try what you describe in the past, with varying degrees of sucess, pva glue can work, I've used clear nail varnish with some sucess, and I always thought next time I tried i'd use a "water effects" thing from the model railway people.

  5. yeah some sort of sticky, glue substance.. I have a glue I use in millinery that is a quick dry and will stick to anything, I just don't know if I could put any washes over it.

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