Monday, July 13, 2009

Chaos Space Marine

Well since I've been painting, I have one finished... or at least I thought I did before I took these pictures.

Now... I'm not too happy with it. Fail.

Don't mind the outside pictures, I took my photo area down because I was painting my walls.

(yes I know he is wearing the wrong back, I found out just last week what that was actually for... oops)


  1. I think he's pretty cool. the colours work well together, and you're clearly no stranger to a brush.

    one suggestion however, I dont know if it's the lighting or the paint, but the eyes could use a little more emphasis, mybe a blackline with a wash, followed by a point highlight?

    most times we are drawn to the face, so its nice to have a point of high contrast to draw the eye there.

    other than that I can't really fault it. and a squad of these would look awesome, with or without powerplants :)

  2. No stranger, almost went to school for fine arts (instead I did graphic design).

    Yes, that is one of the things that was bothering me. Freaking EYES, so important to humans that they have to be there and noticed.


  3. Don't let the photos bother you too much - I find my models always look far sloppier and less impressive on-screen than they appear in real life.

    I think his colour scheme looks suitable psychadelic for a Chaos Marine. Are you starting the rest of his squad at the moment?

  4. Yes, I have to others finished so far that have the dirty WTF? color scheme and I'm still screwing around with what to do with my possessed. I'm doing a test terminator currently also, who is coming around nicely.