Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Epidemius Mod continued part 3.. (WIP)

Green stuff all done with for now? I think so. If I put the primer on it, I'll likely stop adding more stuff to the "little" thing. Over all I think it's coming along well and having the back along with Epidemius make it look not as busy as first thought.

For the tentcales to keep their shape and to defy gravity a bit I used this same technique that my friend posted about on her blog.

This so far is the largest amount of green stuff I've ever used, I've only done little pustules and spikes breaking through armor or guts hanging out of my terminators. All of this with the help of my friend showing me first, then telling me to slow the hell down and think about what I'm going to do next.

This figure was /mostly/ thought out as I had an image in my head of what I wanted to do, with a little kick for another friend to raise him up. I believe we have a most interesting figure now.


  1. It's shaping up to be a lovely piece. If you follow FTW you may have seen this guy -

    painting a nurlge demon the other day, If not I humbly bring it to your attention.

  2. Thanks! I just primed it so I'll be posting about that later.

    Yes! I saw that post. :) The HD version hates me/my computer so I can only see the low res.

  3. Great googly moogly that is a lot of tentacles. It looks amazing.