Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Epidemius Mod Painting part 4.4 (WIP)

Started to wrap this puppy up... I moved up the back and to the front of Epidemius's chair and highlighted a few areas. Puke is running down the front with the maggots rolling down in it.

(please don't mind the background, I don't know if I will be setting my photo area back up anytime soon)


  1. Are the white areas finished or are they primer?

    He looks good and has really nice soft tones and shades. This might be to his detriment however as he visually blends a little. A dark linke where two pieces meet will help to visually push them apart. Black or brown ink works for this. A dark yellow line around the section of the hourglass where the yellow and the white meet would help.

    He's great. Mighty impressive for what, your fourth paintjob?

  2. The primer is grey on him. So it's coming through on the flags. I need to do some more washes to get a good color fading effect on it.

    Yeah I've only painted a few figs so far.