Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Epidemius Mod continue.. (WIP)

finishing up on the base... looking... very busy..... Oh well

(how the hell am I going to paint this... I'm still very new at this)


  1. Really nice. :)

    It's nice to see your bravery also, so many who are new fear to convert for a long time, but you just proved why you should jump in.

    as to paint, remember, washes are your friend :)

  2. Awesome, great GS work, really smooth. Like Karitas says, washes add depth and are easy to use. Theres a video by privateerpress on YouTube which is about 10 minutes long and shows all the basic techniques you need :)

  3. Thanks Karitas, I think it helps that I have someone that is in the business of sculpting fig/mini around. (ok 180 miles away)

    Yes, washes I've used them a bit already on some of my figures and I'm still getting the hang of how they change the color and look of what is there.

    Chris, Thanks!! I actually have the dvd that was put out by pp. :) and will be completely using some of those techniques.

    There is also nothing wrong with screwing up, and with a Nurgle army that just might help. ;)

  4. Watered down paint will help you get into all those nice recesses you made there. Maybe pink followed by a heavy red wash? Gloss varnish afterwards will make them look shiny and wet.

  5. Yeah washes are going to be the thing on this.

    I just picked up some gloss varnish so I just might try that out.