Friday, July 24, 2009

Ennie Awards! Please go and Vote for Jess Hartley!

Jess Hartley ( wrote The Rose-Bride's Plight. Jess is a long time friend of mine. She's awesome and has been working hard these last few years. I would love to see Rose-Bride's Plight win. Jess also worked on Hunter: The Vigil, both books published by White Wolf games.

VOTE HERE!! Please :D
Category and Product: Best Adventure: The Rose-Bride's Plight

The ENnies
The ENnie awards are, arguably, the gaming industry's biggest and most prestigous awards. Game companies from around the world send in their products, and a panel of judges chooses their top few in each category. Those choices become the nominations, and are released to the public, who then vote on the winner. Anyone can vote (once per computer) and the voting ends on August 1st.

The Product
The Rose-Bride's Plight is a murder mystery with a twist, that draws on elements of Snow White, Romeo and Juliet and introduces a dark and intriguing cast of characters for players to interact with. It is designed for use in a Changeling: The Lost game.

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