Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Epidemius Mod..

So Here is my current mod that I'm working on. I picked up the Epidemius Mini as it seemed like I could really play around with it. First up was bringing the fig up to a higher level. It lacked being interesting and the sculpt is well... yeah highly lacking.

So Pustules and Tentacles are being added to the nurglings holding up Epidemius. I'm also adding some more nurglings to the bottom of the tentacles to it does not just look like the tentacles are sprouting out of the butt of epidemius and the nurglings.


  1. Wow, great work again. What are you going to use Epidemus as in a game? Maybe a greater daemon or a daemon prince?

  2. Thanks :)

    I haven't decided as of yet, I currently don't have a daemon in the army, but there are other aspects to look at also. If I'll have a sorc or something of that nature.

  3. awesome, are you gonna build out the bottom a bit more to blend in the harsh edge?

    Jason was reading through the chaos book and there is something specific he can be used as. You'll either have to ask him or read through the book.

  4. Oh yes, I've added a ton more love tentacles on it today and more pustules :D It is starting to fill out. I'm also adding some more bits of nurglings that I've cut up to use in different ways.