Thursday, July 9, 2009

GreenStuff Fav Tool...

So far, I'm enjoying working with green stuff, as you can likely see from my earlier post. I normally use about three things working with green stuff (so far) a color shaper, a shot glass with water (yeah not licking stuff sorry it will make me sick at some point), and my curved modeling tool. Of all I like my color shaper the best, because I can actually smooth things out... Now I've been working with mostly organic looking objects, so the tools may/will change a bit depending on what I am working with.

Then again most people likely already know about even better tools. These are what I've been shown so far and these work well for me.


  1. I use two colour shapers, the one you have there and a chisel pointed one, I find the chisel very useful for folds of cloth.

    The only other thing I use is a needle, (actually a large safety pin needle) mounted in an old brush handle, I couldnt do hair without it.

    Last "tool" tip, for making uniform thicknesses of "sheets" of GS for banners, clothes etc, I use to peices of plasticard either side of the gs and roll out with an old x-acto handle the card keeps my GS 1mm thick.

  2. Yes, I have the chisel also! I haven't used it as much as of yet, but I likely will. I was planning on adding some fabric to some of my regular troops.

    I haven't tried any hair as of yet as most of my guys are wearing helmets.

    I'll have to try making some banners soon :)