Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Intro... of taking a dive into a new hobby..

I'm already a bit of a geek, and so are my friends. D&D, shadowrun, MMOs,...etc...

My friends started to pull out their Armies of old and there had been talk about warhammer before. It was over my head so I would just smile and nod. Over the years (8 or so) of knowing everyone I have picked up knowledge that must have seep into my skin. Just last month I decided I would go out and buy some figures to paint. This took about a week, no rules ready or any type of background. I wanted a look and feel that was interesting, so I went with Chaos. (you might be able to guess the runner up) Next was deciding who they would follow if anyone. So I went with Nurgle, I thought I could have an interesting time with it. I also had my friend offer to help teach me some tricks into modding.. . . . Well low and behold we now have me modding many of my figures. Which you will see below this post and likely after this. And within all this excitment, no I haven't finished reading all of the books I need to, or have I finished painting or putting together all of my figures. I would have to put together a list of all the figs I currently have. So I'll leave that for another post. Next up is a work in progress shot of a cross over fig that goes between fantasy and 40k..


  1. I just saw this blog: http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com/2009/07/new-addition.html about painting a nurgle daemon, complete with a video, and thought you might find it useful.