Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello Mr Blight Drone, Hello MR Nurgle Dreadnought...


yes that is how the box came... no padding in it... not too happy about that part.


  1. That's odd, but not unheard of, depends how full the box was, sometimes there are "air bricks" but more often than not my stuff comes in a small box packed to the gills.

    I see a blight drone, and a dread? You're loving the big mechanical nurlgy stuff huh?

    can't fault you there, any plans for deathguard then?

  2. I have a box of Plague Marines I haven't put together yet..and terminators.. and terminator lord.. and two other resin figures..oh and the Rhino from the box set.

    (yes I spent a shitload of money lately on this new hobby of mine)

    I was planning on getting a full army of nurgly stuff done. Then moving on to something else. I have so many figures to finish first though.

  3. Forgeworldy goodness! I feel I must share this nasty conversion of a blight drone:

  4. OH yes, he's on my follow :)

    I hope to figure out something nice for him, but first he's going down to portland to be looked over. If I had my way I'd go tonight, but no car and husband is now working at the evil empire.