Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time flies... when you're busy...

(Paint jobs left me, right Jason H.(and conversions by him on right, left me))
I haven't forgotten nor did I stop doing things with my army... I was just busy with working on my small businesses..


Spent the holiday time with my best friend, who some of you are following also..

Her and her boyfriend (who is a great painter and scuplter!!) were nice enough to allow me to stay over for about a week and we painted minis and worked on other projects.

Painting of Terminator by Jason H.

Painting of Terminator me.

My Blackreach HQ Conversion to Nurgle HQ guy..

now to just finish some bases... Yes I have more, but I thought this would be a good start.. I've have about 12 other figs to that pictures of.


  1. Nice to see some more work! I'm glad J is painting again, I heard he did some black templars as well.

    That AoBR conversion is beautiful! Do I see some DaughtersoftheEmperor influence in the way you painted his cape? Very nice color choices, well executed.

  2. Yes! He got those finished and gifted and said person was super happy! He was just going to show me some things and BAM! Terminator painted!

    Her SOBs were sitting in front of me while I was painting.. though I don't have the blending skills that she has with them. I'll move along slowly at get there at some point!

    Thanks! :)

  3. I noticed that cape while you were out at the parents house. Great job on that cape! Shading like that isn't the easiest thing to do and can be time consuming, so kudos! I'm glad you were able to work on your army while you were here. Next time bring your codex and we will play a game. :)

  4. I hear there's a gaming table and everything? Now you guys just need some terrain and some armies. :) I still have a bit of terrain J let me borrow, I can bring it up for a game. When shall we have the next building/painting day?

  5. Why don't you give Jason a call to find out, he would love to hear from you. I'm sure about any day is good for us.

  6. Really nice work. So delightfully nurglely.